08 April 2015

Still around

Well, it's been just about forever since I've  made a post. Lots of work, lots of play and other stuff have kept me busy. I wasn't sure if I was even going to pick the blog back up as it never really seemed that anyone was actually reading it. But some stuff has happened recently, health wise, and I felt even if there wasn't anyone reading, it might be important for me to have some sort of outlet for what's to come as I don't have anyone to vent to and I would never put that on my friends. So enough of that for now until I need to say more.
So, what else has been going on with me? I've been writing a bit, stories that is. Fanfic actually. I mostly just do it for me. Stories that pop into my head and need to be put to paper. I'm sure they're not very good, but they suit me just fine. It's based on the tv series Sherlock. There's a multi story arc called Mind the Gap. It's most definitely Johnlock(Sherlock/John slash for the uninitiated). How can it not be? It's a very old love story. 'There's also one called Carnival of Souls. It took me forever to write, but I was finally able to finish it. It seems to be doing fairly well. Not sure why that is. Maybe someone will read it and let me know?? Speaking of Sherlock....the Sherlock fandom has gone a bit crazy as of late. I'm not sure if it's due to Ben getting married or if people are just moving on due to the LONG delay between series. At least they've filmed a Christmas special to be aired for this year. Ben's behaviour has changed a bit too. He seems more serious, reserved. Not sure if that's due to him getting married, becoming a father or just the general calming that happens as people get older. Got to remember though, that Ben's only 38 so who knows? There are some troubling signs there that I'm noticing from some issues I had within my own family with my brother. I'm truly hoping it's nothing to do with that. People can lose their heads for a bit in the business if they aren't careful. This may be a small amount of what's happened as well. Lots of exposure for our dear Ben the last few years with no real chance to just breath. Movies, Premieres, Press Tours, Chat Shows, TV filming,  Appearances, Adverts, it can just be too much. Bensaturation has happened and I think people are just getting a bit weary of all the drama. (Where was I going with this??) So, yeah...writing it's a great creative outlet and some of the stories I've read have been absolutely brilliant. I've got more stories coming up too. Lots of ideas. Just need to take the time and get them out. A few AUs  and some more Mind the Gap stuff. Not to mention a couple great mysteries. I do love a great casefic.
Work has changed slightly. Shifted to a bit more lecture(ish) and less fundraiser(ish). However, just this past week we had a meeting where it looks like we'll be gearing up again for the latter. I'll be back to travelling more, which is always fun, not to mention my position has increased within the group so now I'll actually be able to hire some help. This will make it so much easier in the future. I won't have to follow up on every single detail. Although, I'm the type of person that will probably do that anyway. At least until I can be sure that it's getting done.
There's loads more stuff going on right now, but I'm tired and I'm going to try and get some sleep. I've had insomnia for the past two nights and hopefully tonight will be the night that I can sleep.
Next Up: Sherlocked, travelling to and fro, Midnight of My Life

17 July 2012

True Bloodthirst

Over the weekend was the airing(FINALLY) of True Bloodthirst. I really do hate that title. They should have kept it Vampyre Nation, ah well. It wasn't anything great shakes, but for Andrew fare it was very nice indeed. Everything was there for his fans. Humor, a dash of the bad boy and of course angst and emotion. For the 'Original Movie' stuff Syfy usually does it was better than average. Not much cheese to be had with this one. I would have liked to see them develop the characters a bit, but that's asking a lot for this bunch(syfy that is). So I'll take what I can get.
Andrew had an American accent once again. I was expecting it to be along the lines as it's usually been. Nasal, surfer dude type sounding with glaring errors in pronunciation. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. He must have worked on it some as it was much better. There were a few beans for beens and an uz for us here and there but over all???? Much, much better. He's dropped his voice a bit and almost completely rid himself of the nasal sound so it gives it a better tone. Oh, and can he smoulder? Yes, he can.

There's been talk that this was just the pilot for a series. I'm not sure about that but it would be nice to see Andrew on the telly more regularly. 

12 July 2012

Little Larry - Virgin Media Shorts

Little Larry - Virgin Media Shorts

Lovely film from Keychain Productions. If you like, please share so they can get on the short list for the Virgin Media film awards. For the full story, head to youtube and check out their Little Lily series.

07 July 2012

Benedict, Hannah & Ben OH MY!!!!

I count myself a very lucky person this week(today especially). An acquaintance of mine had a ticket to go see/hear the reading of Look Back in Anger at the Duke of York's Theatre. Her aunt passed away and she was unable to go. Sad for her, happy for me as she asked if anyone wanted to go. Seems no one knew anything about or who was in it so I piped up and said, "Oh, I'll go if you're giving it away". I tried not to act too excited. I only found out about it about a week ago and by the time I had, tickets were gone. Well, I found out that it was going to start at 2pm and I thought, well I'm going to be in London already so why not see if I can go to One Man, Two Guvnors as well? So I managed to get a ticket for that. Woke up late of course cause I couldn't sleep last night, hurried out the door without my proper camera so all I had to work with was my mobile. It's a smart phone though so not too bad but still.....would have liked to get some nice shots. Now! On to the good stuffs..

Just a side note here, why is it that people always bring their stinky food on the train to gag everyone?? I still have a horrible odour in my nostrils from it. Put me off eating for most of the day. Did manage some tasty fish n chips though. :) Alright....now the good stuffs...

I could not believe how many people were jam crammed at the front of the theatre all waiting to get a glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch. I say  him as it was mostly girls and I figured he was the biggest draw of the lot. He should have more people to protect him. I was really frightened for him actually. People got shovey too(I think it was likened to a scrum by most) I only managed a shot or two from my mobile/camera and they were mostly blurry(big surprise there right?). I met his most loyal fans, the Cumberbitches, well some of them anyway.(I'm to understand now that Benedict has dubbed them the Cumberbabes instead as bitches sounds too derogatory)  They were lovely and very protective of him I must say. (I understand how they feel, if someone got shovey with Andrew I think I might give them a pop on the nose). From what they said there were a lot (and they said A LOT) of autograph dealers(wankers) that were preventing his fans from getting autographs(me included, there were just SO many people all around him. It's really hard to describe, but look at the pics and you'll see what I mean).  I personally don't think they were set up for or expected so many people there. There is no way all of those people went in to the theatre for the reading, no way. So here are some pics for those that are interested.
First Before the show:
I've always wondered what the upper rooms are for? I like that the windows are open too. Gives a welcoming feel.

so many people
here's a link to more pics of the crowd of people. I didn't notice anyone for security either. He was really trusting of everyone. I was truly frightened for him. http://londonphile.tumblr.com/post/26638477606/polly-stenham-directs-benedict-cumberbatch-jimmy

There were so many people just ramming stuff in his face and I didn't see anyone (esp his handler that's usually always with him) to help him out. It was really scary there for a while. He was brilliant though and took it all in strides. 
See how he's being shielded from the rain? What an amazing fan. Also, I want that umbrella please.
Remember he's trying to get INTO the theatre for his performance. Note too that's a War Horse hat he's got on. You can see a bit better here the umbrella shielding him as well. 
One of the many Autograph Dealers (wanker) that was talked about above.They really are a rude lot.

A couple during. Not mine. I didn't take any inside the theatre. 
This was at the end though so there were massive amounts of pics going off.

Now  after
He's so lovely in this shot. Even though there's so much chaos going on around him(you have no idea how much), he's just really calm.

Not my pic but look at all the people....Another note here. He was carrying a tote on his shoulder that had an umbrella and some other things in it. It was on his shoulder the entire time he signed. No one came to help him or collect it and hold it for him. I felt like saying, would you like me to hold that for you while you sign? But I didn't want him to think I was creepy. LOL

My favourite shot of the lot
From what I understand a friend of Ben's was teasing him about the crowd I believe,  so as a friendly gesture he decided to do this. I mean, with all the cameras around just snapping happily along at everything he did? You gotta love this guy.

Leaving out of the theatre. 

Here's a pic of the whole cast:

I was in the same general area for most of the time before the show until I was juggled out by some overzealous fans. Whoever had the mustache umbrella was keeping Benedict covered for the most part, while she got wet! How cool is that for a fan to do? I don't know if he even realised it, that she was doing that. I couldn't see if he turned around to say something to her. Benedict even came out afterwards and signed, I didn't stick around the crowd was so enormous then. I saw him and it seemed just overwhelming, I don't know how he did it and with no one there to help with his tote bag even.  I decided I had enough of being shoved around and that I barely had enough time to get something to eat before my second theatre trip began. The Royal Haymarket Theatre isn't that far from the Duke of York's Theatre(for those that don't know, just a few streets over matter of fact) so I set off to find a chippy. It's amazing how there's never one around when you're looking and 100s when you aren't. Now before I get into One Man Two Guvnors let me go over Look Back in Anger, the performance itself. It wasn't a play per se, it was a reading and the actors just read through the script, although they may as well have just done the play because they were all incredible and so into it. Rebecca Hall, Matt Ryan, Anna Maxwell Martin and Julian Wadham were all just fantastic, but Ben (that's what people call him right? He can't be Benedict ALL the time surely?) was the star of the show, no doubt about it. The play/reading swung from comedy to drama in the blink of an eye and Ben's acting along with it. The man can cry on cue. (much the way Andrew Lee Potts does). His character, Jimmy, was a bit of a tosser but as far as playing the part, Mr. Cumberbatch did it in spades. I was a bit distracted by the fact that every so often(more often than not) he would run his hands thorough his hair trying to get his fringe under control and out of his eyes. He did finally give up, but that meant he had nothing to do with his hands. So he then proceeded to rub his legs/thighs a great deal. (a note here, he's got incredibly long fingers. this is something I always note in people as my hands are fairly small and I like to compare. It has nothing to do with anything just something I notice is all.) Anyway, he definitely likes to fidget. I think it might be part of his acting to help him get into character, but I'm not sure....it just might be him. So as far as the reading though, it was an interesting thing, to just listen to them reading from a script. Not bad. Just different. I'd never been to a reading before. It was like a sneak peak into a radio program or something. ( I do hope they recorded it for BBC4 or someone it really was that good.) Someone said they'd only done one rehearsal the day before. If that's true, it is really brilliant that they didn't have any glitches during the live performance. 

Now after all of *that* excitement, I had to get ready for One Man Two Guvnors. What a difference in basically everything. No massive crowd, no pushing and shoving. No chaos. Just a leisurely stroll in and to my seat. I really like the Royal Haymarket Theatre. There's something about it that just makes me feel comfortable somehow. I'd never been in it before but always wanted to. It's just one of those old lovely buildings that invites you in. I was a bit concerned that I was going to lose the charge in my mobile as it was fairly low from all the Look Back in Anger stuff,  so I turned it off as soon as I sat down. I know that's a risk in case something happens but I weighed my options and thought,  if I got a chance to meet Hannah or Ben or any of the cast for that matter, I wanted to have a charge to take the pic with. The lighting was really pretty inside the theatre though.
My seats were really close to the stage in the Stalls area but the theatre was so pretty. I love the balcony boxes.
There was a cool pre-show band. They were really great. (but I'll be damned if I can't remember their name. I'll have to Google it I suppose.) As far as the show is concerned, what else can I say other than fun. From start to finish, just so much fun. I'm going to have to go again as I laughed quite a bit and missed some of it. I'd get tickled at a facial expression of either Hannah or Ben or Owain and then get distracted and not hear what they said. Or I'd full on guffaw at something that was said and completely miss 3 or 4 lines of the following dialogue. All of the performances were fantastic, of course. It was really great to see Hannah (and Ben) in something other than Primeval. The roles they have are just so completely different than those on Primeval, it gives them the chance to really shine. I loved seeing them all sing and dance and have a wonderful time. It was like a party really. Unfortunately, I didn't feel I had enough time to wait and see if they were going to come out after quickly so I decided to go ahead and catch the train. I figured, I'd made up my mind to go again so I'll just try then to see if I can catch them. It would probably be my luck that I'd wait and they'd either be forever coming out or when they did, they'd be busy with something(I wouldn't be bothersome if they were) and I wouldn't get the chance to visit and still miss my train. :( But no matter, I really got more than what I was looking for out of today. It was all thrown together last minute and the fact that I got to stand next to Benedict Cumberbatch? Yeah, pretty cool. ^_^ The only thing I wish for today that didn't happen was that my friends could have been there to share the experience. (not sure if they like Mr Cumberbatch as most of them are from the Primeval area, but I'm sure they'd have given it a go anyway, they're pretty awesome that way.) It's always better when you can share with others who appreciate it as much as you do. That said however, I had one of the best days I've had in quite some time. With the tragedy I've had in my life over the last 10 or so years, I rarely get to have days like today anymore. 
But at least for today, it didn't seem so bad. 

14 June 2012

hello???? is this thing on???

As I'm probably blogging along to myself I guess it really doesn't matter what I say does it??? So here goes.
Things I'm loving at the moment:
All things Benedict Cumberbatch. This is not new news by any means as I've been a fan for ages, but I'm loving that he's finally getting some attention. Mostly he's been relegated to posh parts that no one really took notice of. Well, save Hawking and The Ends of the Earth. It does bother me though(even if it doesn't him) that people really seem to butcher his name in the states(for lack of knowledge) and also in the UK(I just think they've got a ginger bias really) Sherlock is getting him some great exposure and I can't even imagine what's going to happen once Star Trek has come out. And now a couple more of my favourite pics:
I really do have to say that I love his hair the best when it's in its natural Ginger Curly glory(top) but look how young he is in that second pic and that goatee?? Well yes, please. ^_^

Andrew's got a new project coming out very soon called True Bloodthirst(which was previously Vampyre Nation and still might be for the UK release) that will air on the Syfy Channel on 14 July. Recently they released some new interviews with the cast and I was able to get a better look at the project. It looks very promising but this is syfy mind and they are known for their supremely cheesy movies(hello Sharktopus anyone?)

The only thing I'm not overjoyed with is that he won't be using his lovely Northern accent in this. Other than that, it looks quite promising.

07 June 2012

The Post where I gush about Cumberbatch

As there is a lull in the Andrew stuffs right now I've jumped in with both feet to the force that is Benedict Cumberbatch. I'd seen a bit of his work over the years before the Sherlock bandwagon started up so I don't really feel I'm coming late to the party so to speak but some of these peeps are cray cray, know what I'm saying?? I just don't even know what to say and haven't had the nerve to even comment on some of their comments. So I just lurk. Which is fine btw as I don't really have time for another full on fandom. Honestly, I've got plenty to do with the one I'm in. As most people know, I've got a thing for Gingers. Always have since I was a wee thing. It's never gone away. Maybe it's because so many people DON'T care for them. I don't know. I personally think Benny looks best with his hair the natural curly that it is without any product and his natural colour.

I don't think he's what most people consider handsome. (although, I do....but it's the whole pkg though not just his looks but personality and talent as well)I've even heard someone call him a posh prat. I mean really? You have no idea who he is, now do you?? Speaking of talent. I managed to catch him in Frankenstein last night and bloody hell but that man can act his arse off. Completely inhabited the role. He played the creature for this version(Jonny Lee Miller and he exchange roles between the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein) and was absolutely brilliant. The stage was much smaller than I'd imagined, but oh what they were able to do with it....unbelievable! I'm happy that he's getting recognition now, but I hope that it doesn't burn him out or make him a big headed douche bag. He still seems pretty fan friendly for the most part but with the recent invasion of his privacy who knows for how much longer? I do find it hilarious that he's well aware of all the fanfic with he and Martin running around the web and his core fangirls, the Cumberbitches. He genuinely seems chuffed to have such a loyal fan base. Good on ya mate. Keep up the good work. I'll be seeing him as Dr. Frankenstein tonight, a lesser role IMO but still a great role. Sadly, no giggly bum shots though. :)

31 May 2012

I read Fifty Shades Trilogy for the Story....Really!

Yeah, I know that sounds like complete crap talk but it's true. BDSM was pretty good though I've seen better in some of the Primeval fanfic I've read. Specifically Best of Both Worlds. I mean, come on....ABC BDSM is hands down the best. LOL

10 May 2012

Soapbox Blather on Twitter

So I finally couldn't keep my yap shut re: Same sex marriage thing that seems to be prevalent in conversations lately on there. Esp. considering the admission from US President Obama. So here's what I said:

I've seen lots of back and forth regarding Obama and his support of same sex marriage.
There has been vitriol from both sides of the fence, for and against.
Not all Christians are Bible thumpers wanting to run rough shod over gays et al. and not all gays are 
shagging everyone in sight or want you just because you are their sex.
We all know the spiel. It's time to get over ourselves. There are so many more important things in the world that need our attention and everyone deserves the right to be with who they want.
Yes, there are passages in the Bible. Yes, the Bible is the 'inspired' word of God. Has anyone heard of the term 'parable'? If you are Christian, you believe in the teachings of Jesus as well, yes?
Take a look  The bible can be interpreted so many different ways. Just because someone says it's so doesn't make it so.
Now. That said. Here's my point. This should not even be a political issue. Same as abortion.
Someone else should NEVER be able to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own person.
It is also same for the other side of the coin though. If someone chooses not to agree with you about being gay, that is their prerogative as long as their belief doesn't infringe on yours. That includes being a bully or hate crimes. I have seen many arguments from those in gay/lesbian/bi community that were just as harsh as some from the other side. Not as frequent but they do happen. When a populous is disenfranchised the ugly always seems to rear its head. The fact that there are still people killing themselves because they can't BE themselves is more than disgusting to me. Okay, soapbox lecture done. Sorry for those that don't agree. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion and I respect you for it but please allow the courtesy of the same for me.

08 May 2012

Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are author, dead at 83

                                 Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are author, dead at 83 
This book changed the way children's stories were told and was a favourite of mine when I was younger. The movie was utter rubbish though and should never have been made.

05 May 2012

Quote of the Day

Be content in what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ~ Lao Tzu

01 May 2012

Ryan Robbins on Falling Skies

Quite excited today to learn that Ryan Robbins (from Sanctuary) will be on the second season of Falling Skies. Once he tweeted about it today, I went searching for photographic evidence....and here it is...

it was tweeted by Colin Cunningham(Center) from the set. Can't wait to see the episodes now.

Andrew, Hannah & Little Stanley at the Best Paw Foward walk for Cancer Research UK. The fundraiser raised over $5,500 US(£3,500) with more coming in this week.

Andrew uses the reflective surface of the lift to snap a quick shot of he and Lucy Brown.

Here's Andrew having a laugh wearing his nephew Buster's shirt during a break filming a new project for Keychain Productions.

Tony Denman(Keychain Productions & Buster Denman's father) takes a candid shot of Andrew, Buster and little Stanley while filming the new Keychain Productions project. (tentatively titled 'Growing Pains')
Edit: Project was called Little Larry when the short was released. recently.

27 April 2012

Sumos Quod Sumos

We are what we are. Plain and simple. The thing that sets us apart from each other the most is our culture.