10 May 2012

Soapbox Blather on Twitter

So I finally couldn't keep my yap shut re: Same sex marriage thing that seems to be prevalent in conversations lately on there. Esp. considering the admission from US President Obama. So here's what I said:

I've seen lots of back and forth regarding Obama and his support of same sex marriage.
There has been vitriol from both sides of the fence, for and against.
Not all Christians are Bible thumpers wanting to run rough shod over gays et al. and not all gays are 
shagging everyone in sight or want you just because you are their sex.
We all know the spiel. It's time to get over ourselves. There are so many more important things in the world that need our attention and everyone deserves the right to be with who they want.
Yes, there are passages in the Bible. Yes, the Bible is the 'inspired' word of God. Has anyone heard of the term 'parable'? If you are Christian, you believe in the teachings of Jesus as well, yes?
Take a look  The bible can be interpreted so many different ways. Just because someone says it's so doesn't make it so.
Now. That said. Here's my point. This should not even be a political issue. Same as abortion.
Someone else should NEVER be able to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own person.
It is also same for the other side of the coin though. If someone chooses not to agree with you about being gay, that is their prerogative as long as their belief doesn't infringe on yours. That includes being a bully or hate crimes. I have seen many arguments from those in gay/lesbian/bi community that were just as harsh as some from the other side. Not as frequent but they do happen. When a populous is disenfranchised the ugly always seems to rear its head. The fact that there are still people killing themselves because they can't BE themselves is more than disgusting to me. Okay, soapbox lecture done. Sorry for those that don't agree. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion and I respect you for it but please allow the courtesy of the same for me.

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