14 June 2012

hello???? is this thing on???

As I'm probably blogging along to myself I guess it really doesn't matter what I say does it??? So here goes.
Things I'm loving at the moment:
All things Benedict Cumberbatch. This is not new news by any means as I've been a fan for ages, but I'm loving that he's finally getting some attention. Mostly he's been relegated to posh parts that no one really took notice of. Well, save Hawking and The Ends of the Earth. It does bother me though(even if it doesn't him) that people really seem to butcher his name in the states(for lack of knowledge) and also in the UK(I just think they've got a ginger bias really) Sherlock is getting him some great exposure and I can't even imagine what's going to happen once Star Trek has come out. And now a couple more of my favourite pics:
I really do have to say that I love his hair the best when it's in its natural Ginger Curly glory(top) but look how young he is in that second pic and that goatee?? Well yes, please. ^_^

Andrew's got a new project coming out very soon called True Bloodthirst(which was previously Vampyre Nation and still might be for the UK release) that will air on the Syfy Channel on 14 July. Recently they released some new interviews with the cast and I was able to get a better look at the project. It looks very promising but this is syfy mind and they are known for their supremely cheesy movies(hello Sharktopus anyone?)

The only thing I'm not overjoyed with is that he won't be using his lovely Northern accent in this. Other than that, it looks quite promising.

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