07 June 2012

The Post where I gush about Cumberbatch

As there is a lull in the Andrew stuffs right now I've jumped in with both feet to the force that is Benedict Cumberbatch. I'd seen a bit of his work over the years before the Sherlock bandwagon started up so I don't really feel I'm coming late to the party so to speak but some of these peeps are cray cray, know what I'm saying?? I just don't even know what to say and haven't had the nerve to even comment on some of their comments. So I just lurk. Which is fine btw as I don't really have time for another full on fandom. Honestly, I've got plenty to do with the one I'm in. As most people know, I've got a thing for Gingers. Always have since I was a wee thing. It's never gone away. Maybe it's because so many people DON'T care for them. I don't know. I personally think Benny looks best with his hair the natural curly that it is without any product and his natural colour.

I don't think he's what most people consider handsome. (although, I do....but it's the whole pkg though not just his looks but personality and talent as well)I've even heard someone call him a posh prat. I mean really? You have no idea who he is, now do you?? Speaking of talent. I managed to catch him in Frankenstein last night and bloody hell but that man can act his arse off. Completely inhabited the role. He played the creature for this version(Jonny Lee Miller and he exchange roles between the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein) and was absolutely brilliant. The stage was much smaller than I'd imagined, but oh what they were able to do with it....unbelievable! I'm happy that he's getting recognition now, but I hope that it doesn't burn him out or make him a big headed douche bag. He still seems pretty fan friendly for the most part but with the recent invasion of his privacy who knows for how much longer? I do find it hilarious that he's well aware of all the fanfic with he and Martin running around the web and his core fangirls, the Cumberbitches. He genuinely seems chuffed to have such a loyal fan base. Good on ya mate. Keep up the good work. I'll be seeing him as Dr. Frankenstein tonight, a lesser role IMO but still a great role. Sadly, no giggly bum shots though. :)

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