17 July 2012

True Bloodthirst

Over the weekend was the airing(FINALLY) of True Bloodthirst. I really do hate that title. They should have kept it Vampyre Nation, ah well. It wasn't anything great shakes, but for Andrew fare it was very nice indeed. Everything was there for his fans. Humor, a dash of the bad boy and of course angst and emotion. For the 'Original Movie' stuff Syfy usually does it was better than average. Not much cheese to be had with this one. I would have liked to see them develop the characters a bit, but that's asking a lot for this bunch(syfy that is). So I'll take what I can get.
Andrew had an American accent once again. I was expecting it to be along the lines as it's usually been. Nasal, surfer dude type sounding with glaring errors in pronunciation. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. He must have worked on it some as it was much better. There were a few beans for beens and an uz for us here and there but over all???? Much, much better. He's dropped his voice a bit and almost completely rid himself of the nasal sound so it gives it a better tone. Oh, and can he smoulder? Yes, he can.

There's been talk that this was just the pilot for a series. I'm not sure about that but it would be nice to see Andrew on the telly more regularly. 

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