08 April 2015

Still around

Well, it's been just about forever since I've  made a post. Lots of work, lots of play and other stuff have kept me busy. I wasn't sure if I was even going to pick the blog back up as it never really seemed that anyone was actually reading it. But some stuff has happened recently, health wise, and I felt even if there wasn't anyone reading, it might be important for me to have some sort of outlet for what's to come as I don't have anyone to vent to and I would never put that on my friends. So enough of that for now until I need to say more.
So, what else has been going on with me? I've been writing a bit, stories that is. Fanfic actually. I mostly just do it for me. Stories that pop into my head and need to be put to paper. I'm sure they're not very good, but they suit me just fine. It's based on the tv series Sherlock. There's a multi story arc called Mind the Gap. It's most definitely Johnlock(Sherlock/John slash for the uninitiated). How can it not be? It's a very old love story. 'There's also one called Carnival of Souls. It took me forever to write, but I was finally able to finish it. It seems to be doing fairly well. Not sure why that is. Maybe someone will read it and let me know?? Speaking of Sherlock....the Sherlock fandom has gone a bit crazy as of late. I'm not sure if it's due to Ben getting married or if people are just moving on due to the LONG delay between series. At least they've filmed a Christmas special to be aired for this year. Ben's behaviour has changed a bit too. He seems more serious, reserved. Not sure if that's due to him getting married, becoming a father or just the general calming that happens as people get older. Got to remember though, that Ben's only 38 so who knows? There are some troubling signs there that I'm noticing from some issues I had within my own family with my brother. I'm truly hoping it's nothing to do with that. People can lose their heads for a bit in the business if they aren't careful. This may be a small amount of what's happened as well. Lots of exposure for our dear Ben the last few years with no real chance to just breath. Movies, Premieres, Press Tours, Chat Shows, TV filming,  Appearances, Adverts, it can just be too much. Bensaturation has happened and I think people are just getting a bit weary of all the drama. (Where was I going with this??) So, yeah...writing it's a great creative outlet and some of the stories I've read have been absolutely brilliant. I've got more stories coming up too. Lots of ideas. Just need to take the time and get them out. A few AUs  and some more Mind the Gap stuff. Not to mention a couple great mysteries. I do love a great casefic.
Work has changed slightly. Shifted to a bit more lecture(ish) and less fundraiser(ish). However, just this past week we had a meeting where it looks like we'll be gearing up again for the latter. I'll be back to travelling more, which is always fun, not to mention my position has increased within the group so now I'll actually be able to hire some help. This will make it so much easier in the future. I won't have to follow up on every single detail. Although, I'm the type of person that will probably do that anyway. At least until I can be sure that it's getting done.
There's loads more stuff going on right now, but I'm tired and I'm going to try and get some sleep. I've had insomnia for the past two nights and hopefully tonight will be the night that I can sleep.
Next Up: Sherlocked, travelling to and fro, Midnight of My Life